What it takes

September 18, 2019 By ckasko

This video may be a bit harder to watch than our typical heart warming videos of sweet puppers. But this is how we got to where we are.

Being a special needs dog mom is more than just carrying them around, feeding them, and giving all the love in the world. It’s also about pushing them to succeed. Being their cheerleader and not accepting excuses of “I can’t.”

Trimble knows I am there for him. He knows I will pick him up when he falls. He also knows that I will not accept it if he doesn’t try. We succeed or fail together.

Our bond is like no other. He knows what he needs to do. He knows what I expect. He knows the stakes and he also knows the rewards of hard work.

He and his brother are loved beyond measure. The effort we go to in order to provide them the best future is extraordinary. I’m not bragging or boasting. It is just what is required of us. We love our lives and what we are doing. We absolutely would not have it any other way.


I do want people to know that this is just not a human effort. Trimble and Twitch both work extremely hard to get better ever day. We are only their cheerleaders, coaching them along the way.

We only celebrate successes. We are Intentional and we want you to be too!

Be Intentional in your life. Set your goals and achieve them. Don’t stop when it’s hard. Don’t stop when “they” say it can’t be done. Always, always, always leave your heart laid out for all to see.

We love you guys for your continued support.

Above all else 
Be Intentional