We are Intentional

We understand the fact that children are the future. That’s why we believe It’s never too early to get them started learning and on the right path. In 2019, we founded Be Intentional with a mission to provide abused, neglected, and special needs pups with medical care and a home.

With the help of a hundreds of donors and contributors we have raised well over $100,000 and saved over a 1000 animals. As life evolves so have we!  Our son, Killian was diagnosed as autistic and we have adapted our lives to getting him the best care and therapies.  We have adapted Be Intentional nonprofit 501(c)3 to expand its horizon to both special needs dogs and kids!  We will provide things such as OT tools, therapy dogs, respite for parents and more with a portion of the proceeds from Trimble & Co!  We can’t wait to see the joy and inspiration spread!

Our mission

Our mission is to provide an easier way for parents of special needs children and pets.  Trimble & Co and Be Intentional were both founded on the same principles of giving back from our personal experiences.  Who knew a little boy and 2 little puppies could change us so much and change the world.  It is our commitment to bless those experiencing what we have and to make that just a bit easier.  The journey is not easy but it is quite worth it.  Come with us-we welcome you to join the family! 

CK, The Captain, Emberlee, Atalyn, Killian 


Trimble and Twitch came into our lives in March of 2019.  Two wobbly puppies that were going to change our lives.  They were abandoned but found their way to us and we quickly learned they had cerebellar hypoplasia (similar to Cerebral Palsy).  Soon after, we decided they needed more care than a working mom could do so I quit my job (and we made it work) and started Be Intentional (a 501(c)3 nonprofit.  Over the last few years we have rescued, vetted, and homed more than 1000 dogs and many of them were special needs just like Trimble and Twitch.  Sadly, Twitch crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2021 due to a brain tumor.  Trimble is still kickin’ it though.  He continues to inspire us as well as millions around the globe.  In April of 2021, Killian was born.  We are so blessed by this little firecracker.  He has been diagnosed with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, and. More.  His journey is just as inspiring as T&T’s and has made us all the more committed to Special People and Special Pets.  

We are proud to donate a hefty chunk of all of our profits to Be Intentional to support kids and pets just like ours!

Be part of Be Intentional!  We love our big family!  

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